2015 Hyundai Genesis Review...A Value Oriented Luxury Sedan by Thomas Fox


I'd like to preface this review with a question...

What is a name brand worth to you? 

Specific to a luxury sedan...how much of a premium do you expect to pay for a "luxury" name brand? $5,000? $20,000? Is that amount justified?

What if you could get the same luxury for $20,000 less but not have the "luxury" name brand? Would you do that or is the name too important? 


Before you answer, watch our detailed review and keep an open mind and compare this Hyundai Genesis to other luxury sedans like a BMW 5 Series, S Class or E Class, Audi s6, etc...    Then, let us know in the comments how you feel about the image of Hyundai and the name brand value agreement. 



2017 Ford Explorer Platinum...Amazing Value?? by Thomas Fox

Check out our video on the 2017 Explorer Platinum and then join the conversation below:

The Platinum trim in particular seems to offer great value (bang for your buck) that the others trim levels don't quite live up to. For example, the Platinum is only about $5,000USD more than a Sport trim but it offers the same, beastly EcoBoost engine, exclusive 20" wheels, premium leather wrapped dash and doors, quilted leather seats, massaging seats, comes standard with adaptive cruise control and self parking and a bunch of other goodies.....all for only a few bucks a month more!? 

So...yes, the platinum may be a great value and very competitive with other offerings with similar features but does it hurt the rest of the explorer lineup? Let us know what you think!